Blame the con merchants, not their victims

Banksy does Brexit by Dunk

If the close-run election in America should teach us anything at all, it is that we have a much better chance of unseating this crooked government if we stand together. Whether you voted remain, like me, or leave, we have all become victims of what I can only describe as a coup.

I like my neighbours and my friends, and I will always stand up for their right to have different opinions from mine. I enjoy a good debate and will even be persuaded by a good argument. What I will not do is forego my principles of honesty, compassion and integrity. I expect this, without question, from our public servants. I believe that most of us feel that way.

Dividing the country into groups labelled ‘remainers’ or ‘leavers’ is merely a devious ploy much-loved by this government. Whatever our beliefs, we now know that our government has lied to us. We have seen the enormous sums of money that it has wasted on unsuccessful contracts given to cronies. We see now that we are a really tiny little island people, swimming alone without support or trade deals from other bigger fish.

It reminds me of a David Attenborough programme that the whole country watches with dismay. Goggleboxers will have their hands over their eyes and we all hold our breath as we wait to see if the little deer will escape the jaws of the ferocious lions circling around. The mother is aware of the danger, and so are some of the herd. A few are quietly grazing, oblivious to the killers. Will the fawn survive?

It is time that every one of us takes responsibility, if we wish to live in a prosperous country where our people and their wellbeing is the number-one priority. A country that will protect others less fortunate than us, and a country that many, many others fought and died for. These were our forebears, our family. We are fundamentally a decent lot. We love our ‘do-good’ heroes like Marcus Rashford and Captain Tom Moore. Their courage and love can defeat government’s decisions and win our hearts.

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We have a tough time ahead of us, with or without the virus. There is no doubt that this government has catastrophically failed in its duty to protect our interests. Only a Martian could be oblivious to that. Other countries have successfully kept Covid-19 infections to a minimum and protected their economies. It could have been done.

One example every one of us can see is that we already have an NHS network with the experience, expertise and capacity to provide a successful test-and- trace facility. Who of us in our right minds would not have injected extra funds into this much-respected organization, rather than our ‘besties’ from school?  This was the one weapon against the virus that the World Health Organisation implored us to use from the very beginning.

This is not a war between ‘remain’ or ‘leave’. We have already left. It is not a war between our economy and our health. A healthy population brings a healthy economy with it. This is a war between an incompetent government and us.