Dawn Butler! Go, girl! The truth needs champions like you. *UPDATED* with exclusive footage from BylineTV + Full Fact check

It’s a mad, mad world, isn’t it, where an MP can get suspended for telling the truth about a man who is addicted to telling lies. But that is what happened to Dawn Butler today.

Have you watched Peter Stefanovic’s video yet? If not, you can help push this towards 30 million!

One of the team at West Country Voices (Mick Fletcher, our Somerset editor) suggested that MPs join a rota to call Johnson out for the liar he is and then suffer their one day suspension until something finally changes. It’s an idea which has caught on with a number of pundits.

It cannot be right for the liar to be free from sanction while the truth teller is punished. The deputy Speaker kept pushing Dawn to retract or re-word and she wouldn’t/couldn’t, because how could she? She’d have been lying!

And was Dawn Butler right? Yes. Here is the Full Fact report:

Dawn sums up why this country is in such a mess: