Dorchester Euro Café takes the temperature on happiness

All photos by the author

Members of cross-party campaign group Dorchester Euro Café were out in Dorchester on March 23, asking people how they are feeling on a range of issues since we left the EU. This was part of a ‘Day for Rejoin’, called for by the team who organise the annual National Rejoin March, and was one of many such events across Britain and the European Union.

It was great fun, with many heartening conversations, even though the weather was changeable (sun, rain, hail, sun, rain, wind, more sun!). Our ‘happiness index’ got a bit wet!

Rachel Lawrence, who organises Dorchester Euro Café in partnership with Dorset for Europe, said:

“People told us that things have got worse in lots of ways, including the state of the NHS, the cost of living and the UK’s place in the world.

“People who voted to leave the EU in 2016 also told us that they feel let down. They were offered simple solutions to complex issues, such as immigration. It’s not surprising that many people feel frustrated that the reality of Brexit has proved to be very different to what was promised”.

We noted the irony of holding the stall outside the now-closed M&S, with its window display mentioning EU funding!

Dorchester Euro Café meets regularly between 3pm and 5pm on the fourth Saturday of each month at the Vivo Lounge, Brewery Square in Dorchester. The next Dorchester Euro Café will take place at that time on Saturday April 27, 2024.