“Enough is enough, Sheryll!”

Here in South East Cornwall, we have a mirror behaviour of Johnson’s attitude and arrogance as our so-called MP Sheryll Murray goes about not doing her business.

A combination of sycophantic adoration for Bozo and almost total neglect of her constituents has enraged local people of mixed political beliefs (including Tories) and prompted them to get together to let her know that she is not fit for purpose.

After a period of online engagement where people have been sharing their grievances, we are moving on to real-world activities which will commence with a demonstration at her office in Liskeard. This is scheduled for the morning of Friday 22 July when she should be in her office to carry out her constituency surgery. If she is not there it won’t come as a surprise. If she is there, she can engage with the demonstrators to hear why we are disappointed with her representation and offer her defence.

This demo is totally non-party-political. It is simply a gathering of constituents who have had enough. If you would like to participate, please contact Nicola through the Facebook site here. Feel free to bring your own banners, but please ensure that they don’t include any political allegiance.

It is understood that being a workday it will be difficult for some to attend but please do your best. But as we all know size doesn’t matter; in this case it is simply the start of a real-world campaign to send a message, promote the online community and help gather support.

To join the online community Sheryll Murray is unfit for office please go here.

The demo may be breaking the new dictatorial law. Just so you know.  It is more important than ever that we stand together and make our voices heard. Peaceful protest must not be silenced!