Fantasy Friday: nominations for a dream cabinet

A bit of escapism does no harm. We can all dream, can’t we?

Prime Minister: fantasy world choice would be Hugh Grant. Looks the part, acts the part, cares and will ensure he has good people round him. Will make the UK lovable again.
Real world: Caroline Lucas. The planet needs eco-warriors to be in charge. Our kids need eco-warriors to be in charge. Smart, collegiate and with more integrity than you can shake a stick at. Plus a woman. We need more women in power…capable women that is, not muppets. Good women get stuff done and aren’t hung up on ego.

Home Secretary: Marcus Rashford (with support, of course). Fantasy and real world choice. Do I need to justify? No. Top man, top instincts and a team player. Modest, too. Added bonus is that his appointment will bring more young people into politics. Gina Miller would also be great.

Chancellor of the Exchequer: Job share: Anneliese Dodds, Molly Scott Cato and Joseph Stiglitz. A great blend of theory, pragmatism and desire for social and climate justice,

Foreign Secretary: Real world: David Milliband. Gravitas, experience, presence.

Health: Job share: Dr Rosena Allin-Khan and Sir David Anthony King (Chair, Independent SAGE) Front line, NHS, climate, pandemics? All covered.

Business: Deborah Meaden. Nuff said.

Education: Job share: Lemn Sissay, Jim Al-Khalili, Brian Cox and Michael Rosen: enthusiasts, pragmatists. Inspirational.

Work and Pensions: Martin Lewis also nuff said.

International Trade: David Henig behind the scenes and Emily Thornberry out front

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Job share: David Attenborough, Rachael Kyte (chief executive officer of Sustainable Energy for All, and special representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Sustainable Energy for All) and Guy Singh-Watson, organic farmer, Riverford Organics.

Housing and Communities: Jack Munroe, Jess Phillips.

Culture, media and sport: Job share: Howard Goodall (music), Jed Mercurio (TV), Grayson Perry (visual arts) and Gary Lineker

Transport: Ed Davey. Green credentials and instincts

Justice: Jolyon Maugham (Good Law Project) and the Secret Barrister…plus Line of Duty’s Ted Hastings, of course!

Attorney General: Dominic Grieve. Wise, sound, credible, fair. Respects the rule of law.

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