Freedom of movement is a two-way street: WE decided to end it, NOT the EU

Amongst the very many losses and deprivations, the ending of UK citizens’ freedom to travel, work, study, love, live and retire in any of the EU’s 27 member states is, perhaps, the most devastating. It is a loss gleefully celebrated by Patel, that enemy of rights and freedoms, and repeated with every ‘let’s rub you nose in it’ ad on TV.

Was it really the will of the people to disadvantage themselves, their children, their country? How many understood that the oven-ready Brexit deal Johnson burned at the last minute would also see their hopes and dreams incinerated?

Levels of ignorance and delusion were tragically high and the Conservatives and Farage made no attempt, funnily enough, to disabuse people of the misplaced exceptionalism which led people to believe that nothing would change for we Brits. We could go where we want, live where we want, carry on as if nothing at all had happened.

We have covered the stories of a number of individuals and companies whose prospects have been trashed by the loss of freedom of movement and who are now at a disadvantage compared with their European colleagues, friends and competitors who, of course, still enjoy complete freedom of movement. (We will write about the catastrophic impact on the young in a future article in this series.)

Here is a selection as part of our countdown to 100 days of this most heinous act of self-harm. Please share widely and disabuse those desperate to believe that it is the EU’s fault and desperate not to entertain the fact that their own government has chosen to wreck the economy, lives, livelihoods and even to put at risk the Union itself. The first explains how the decision to leave the single market and the customs union has backfired horribly. On this decision (made by Johnson and Gove etc and never on any ballot paper) hang all our woes. Actions have consequences.