If a lying, lazy, venal narcissist is the answer to the Conservative party’s problems, then they are well and truly &*$&£%!

Image by Mr Rushforth

My blood is boiling.

What is there to say about a political party which has absolutely trashed this country’s reputation, cratered the economy, run-down the NHS, increased poverty, increased social inequality, broken the law, taken Russian money, implemented corrupt practices to favour their cronies and donors, presided over the avoidable deaths of tens of thousands, seen child poverty soar, been cruel to asylum seekers, polluted our rivers and seas, stoked division, taken a hatchet to our rights and freedoms, shown arrogance, greed, absolute contempt for the truth and honesty in politics… the list goes on and on.

And now, after twelve years of incompetence, austerity, avarice and corruption, they not only collectively wipe their memory of any recollection of those twelve ghastly years and of any responsibility for any of the consequences, but seek to reimpose the man who has done more to ruin the country and its people’s life chances than any other. A man who in a few weeks may be suspended from Parliament for lying to the House. A man who broke his own rules and partied while people obeyed those same rules and grieved or suffered alone. A man who is an out-and-out pathological liar.

I am reading of MPs backing him because they think he can ‘win’. Win what? The complete destruction of the Union? The undying loathing of thousands? The extinction of any semblance of democracy?

Our democracy is already in a bad, bad place with many of the tell-tale signs of creeping fascism. It’s certainly careering towards a kleptocracy, run for the benefit of the super-wealthy who view the rest of us as slaves. The wealth of these people has ballooned through what has been a time of crisis for most of us. They’re no better than the Russian oligarchs, looting their own country.

Are there really no passably decent Conservatives who will stand up and say:

“No, Johnson, you do not get to repeat your pathetic Churchill tribute act. You do not get to shake off the corruption, the sleaze and the lying. You do not get to cosplay all the working roles of those you dismiss as ‘plebs.’ You do not get to play at being ‘world king’. The game is up. You are finished. Done. Gone.”

If Conservatives won’t say this, we will – on the streets and in the voting booths. Johnson is not fit for public office and we cannot wait to remove him from it. Our futures are at stake.

General election NOW!

Clare Knight