“Johnson really wants to destroy Great Britain” – letters to the editor

Dear Editor-in-Chief,

Johnson really just wants to destroy Great Britain. Quite why I haven’t worked out yet, but I am struggling to find out!

Every single policy has been to the detriment of the British and to the advantage of the USA. Our major defence industries have been sold to Americans. Our NHS is in the process of being sold. Our allies in Europe are being alienated, our coordinated security with Europe is being diminished. Our aircraft carriers are be partially manned by Americans; our army has been reduced to 75000 – not enough to function, let alone stand by our NATO commitments, nor provide a future peacekeeping role in N Ireland which Johnson seems determined to inflame. Our trade has been smashed, our leading financial centre is being destroyed.

Every fear, like immigration or sovereignty, has been played upon and exaggerated so that people no longer know the truth.

What has the opposition done? Nothing!

I see the hand of Rupert Murdoch behind this. An old embittered man determined to destroy the Establishments that he feels he has a grievance with! Watch the BBC documentary about the The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty. See the subtext on how he has controlled the press across the world and influenced our and American politics; but he couldn’t get a foothold in Europe so his papers have drip fed lies for years!


Andrew Nicholson,


Dear Editor-in-Chief,

I read Valerie Huggins excellent and moving article on the scandal of the ending of the £20 universal credit uplift.

Why is this government so cruel? Why can’t it walk even a few feet in the (probably worn-out) shoes of those who are at the bottom of the economic pile?

I keep thinking of that story about the Bullingdon Club’s disgusting ‘rite of passage’ act – burning a £50 note in front of a homeless person (Of course, Johnson denied he ever such a thing when he was a member of the notorious club but then he denies anything he finally realises might actually look bad.)

I think the Bullingdon anecdote suggests that these men – Cameron, Johnson et al – know full well what a huge, potentially life-saving sum £50 or £80 a month would be to someone who has very little, if anything; so I don’t buy the story that they don’t appreciate the value of money. They certainly seem pretty focused on siphoning off as much of our money to their mates as quickly as possible or blowing tens of thousands on decorating flats or on build swimming pools, tennis courts and gyms. Yes, Rishi Sunak…I mean you!

What they do think, I reckon, is that people who don’t have money are losers, wastrels and nobodies and are to be despised, taunted and humiliated. Perhaps it is the only way for Johnson and his ilk to feel any sense of superiority. Merciless teasing and bullying are hallmarks of public school life. These immature, power-crazed, entitled yobs carry on with the practice in their adult lives. Never mind that they inherited wealth or that their privilege opened doors for them and helped them to advance to positions for which they are, in every way, ill-suited and undeserving.

There is, of course, an element of utter ignorance of the harsh realities of everyday life for ‘ordinary’ people. A man who can rely on arch Brexiters and Tory donors the Bamfords (of JCB fame…wonder if there’s anyone to drive them?) to bung him and Carrie £27,000 worth of luxy takeaway hampers during lockdown can’t exactly be said to be experiencing life in the raw.

As for all those MPS who abstained or voted against keeping the £20 uplift, I wonder how on earth they sleep at night. Maybe they’ve got hooked on getting their pictures in the local paper opening new foodbanks. Shameful.

Yours in disgust