Local elections/voter ID – ‘share what you see’. Important plea from the Electoral Reform Society

Photo by Russss , Wikimedia Commons

Tomorrow, lots of voters across England will be heading to the polls for their local elections. This year, many will be turned away for lacking approved forms of ID.

Whether it is Frank*, 77 and retired, who explained to us that he has,

a freedom pass with a very poor photo which may not be acceptable, or an out of date passport (if I can find it)” 

Or Deborah*, a young Mum, who told us,

My passport is my only photo ID but it is in my maiden name. My electoral name is in my married name”.

This policy will impact even people that have ID. 

Please let us know if you see, hear or are told of any problems on the day.

If you can’t vote, make sure this has been recorded at the desk, then try to collect your ID and come back to vote. Greeters at the polling station doors will not record the people they turn away. It’s important that the government get an accurate idea of the impact of their policy.

Then make sure you share your experience . We’d love to hear what happened and you can email us here, but, please, share what happens on any social media accounts you have and use the hashtag:


We believe Frank and Deborah’s anxieties are reflected across the country. The government just made voting harder – every voter turned away is one too many. 

Thank you in advance for your support.

Best wishes,
Darren Hughes,
Chief Executive,
Electoral Reform Society