P&O and partygate – letter to Sheryll Murray

The house flag of the Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co Ltd, London. The flag is made of wool bunting, machine sewn with a cotton hoist. A rope and two inglefield clips is attached. On a label. ‘P & O house flag from the Kaiser-i-Hind April 1938. Presented by the company per Boyd Cable & Daniel R. Bolt.’ The flag is very dirty and the corners are frayed…Rectangular flag divided diagonally blue, white, red and yellow. AAA1092

Dear Sheryll

I am writing to you with regards to P&O.

Mass sackings without consultation are illegal under European law, so why, if Brexit was meant to improve things, are a company (whose parent is in profit) allowed to fire 800 British staff to hire cheaper labour? I note with interest that no French (ie European) staff were fired. 

Brexit was sold as gaining independence, as a means to levelling up but so far it has levelled down communities across the nation. How does the government explain this?

On another matter, I noted with interest that Jacob Rees-Mogg is very happy because he believes Ukraine has distracted from partygate.

I just wish to remind you that it hasn’t; we are still angry. We still want those who partied whilst others died alone to be fired. The fact that a Russian-money-corrupted incompetent prime minister and his equally corrupt and incompetent cabinet are still in power at such a dangerous time is a stain on this country and an even bigger stain on the Conservative party, who have shown themselves to be without morals or any comprehension of the true scale of anger regarding the issue.

Boris Johnson still must go. All this crisis does is allow him to keep his tasteless wallpaper in Number 10 for a few more months.

Carl Garner