The March for Re-Join in London on 23 September: why you should go and how to get there from Cornwall, Dorset and Devon

Photo by Chris Bray

We are not, as a rule, a nation that takes to the streets. More’s the pity, many would say and some would point to Stop the War and the People’s Vote marches, both huge, and ask what they achieved. On the face of it, not a lot. But to dismiss these marches (and pro-EU groups have staged more than most) as a waste of time and effort would be to ignore some vital benefits from congregating peacefully, en masse.

Keeping EU membership on the agenda and in the public eye

Lord knows, the mainstream media have tried their damnedest to avoid laying any blame for our economic and political woes at the feet of the Brexit beast, but the cracks in this defence of the indefensible have been appearing thick and fast. Brexiters cling frantically to their ideology, resolutely ignoring or bad-mouthing all evidence that disproves their case, but the general public have really begun to see through the lies and bullsh*t. A recent YouGov poll showed the highest percentage to date in favour of re-joining the EU – a stonking 63 per cent. It’s a number which has been growing steadily ever since Johnson did the country over with the help of Lord Frost (ennobled for helping to trash the country he purports to serve).

A nice, big march reminds everyone that the issue has NOT gone away.

Will the tax-avoiding, Brexit-backing media barons give it any coverage? Probably not, which says it all. Stuff ’em! Do it anyway!

The camaraderie

There’s nothing like being in the company of tens of thousands of kindred spirits to remind you that you’re not alone! Abandoned or dismissed by the politicians, vilified by the pro-Brexit media and the political cultists, labelled as ‘Remoaners’ and worse, it comes as no surprise that those who grieve the very great losses inflicted by Brexit can also feel isolated and marginalised.

I’ve met lots of people on marches who have never marched or protested in their lives. They LOVED it. .. I mean, properly loved it. It’s a wonderful, uplifting and inspiring experience. Don’t miss out!

The pro-EU grassroots groups in Cornwall, Devon and Dorset are all sending coaches up to Hyde Park for the start of the march, and they’ll collect their tired but happy supporters in Westminster when the day is done and whisk them back west. And it’s cheaper than the train. It shouldn’t be, from a green perspective, but it is.

Yes, it’s a long day necessitating an early start, but it is fun. Genuinely. Even the comfort stops in the motorway service stations catch a bit of the buzz as scores of smiling west country folk, sporting bEUrets (blue berets with yellow stars on them, available here), disgorge and mingle.

You can book onto a coach here:

Wear a bit of blue and yellow, tell this government what you think of it and its nasty Brexit on a placard or a bedsheet or however you like. It’s time for creativity! If it hits the spot, you may well see it on national TV or in a newspaper…probably a European title, but hey! We’re still here! We’re still European and we want to get back where we belong: in the heart of Europe.

So why not march and help amplify the calls to get our star back!

For more information on the march and the line-up, visit