The Russians who are also victims of Putin’s war – one woman’s story

“Moscow” by josef.stuefer is licensed by Creative Commons

We have been given kind permission to reproduce this moving account of what Putin’s attempted invasion of Ukraine means for ordinary Russians. We have not edited or ‘corrected’ the text in the hope that you can hear the authentic voice of another human being, shocked and suffering under a madman’s regime.

“I am horrified, I just can not believe it is happening, nightmare ….All normal people are in shock, they are crying. We are feeling anger, shame and fear. Nobody could believe that can happen. Nobody wants war, many people have families and friends in Ukraine.

Some people go to streets for demonstrations which is illegal…demonstrations that were not agreed. So we even cannot express our position, people are being arrested.

It looks like this is a decision of one insane person. Nobody wanted war. Nobody believed he [Putin] can do it.

Because it is unthinkable. It is killing not only one country, but at least two, because consequences for Russia are also severe. I can not understand – WHY. What aim can worth it. Most of people around me feel the same.

To my surprise there are also people who justify all that, as official propaganda does….how they can believe that and do not have critical thinking at all. Mostly it is old people who are watching tv and do not use other sources of information, low educated people. I don’t know how big is their part. Most of them do not want war as well, but they trust the official explanations – that Putin protects Donbas people from genocide.

And I’m afraid that dark times are ahead not only because of sanctions but also because authorities can do everything they want and do not consider any international agreements.  Medvedev said they now will think about returning death penalty, nationalization of assets

I’m afraid there will be no freedom, no development. Just fear and isolation, like in North Korea. In our region we now have problems with goods supply, product prices are rising dramatically every day.

Several major productions are going to close now so thousands of people will lost their job. Don’t know how they will live. Also our neighbours closed their sky. And do not issue visas. So there are not much ways to leave.

I see that Russia invaded into Ukraine, it is real war, devastation of beautiful country, killing of innocent people….my heart is broken when I imagine that.

What will happen – I don’t know what can stop this madness. And everybody is afraid of 3 world war.”