This is not normal

Every day in Toryland seems crazier and more disturbing then the last, doesn’t it? We are in the middle of a climate emergency and a cost-of-living crisis. The energy companies are making outrageous profits from ordinary people. The Tories have shrugged off landmark defeats in two by-elections as nothing, while Labour ties itself in knots over the one it just missed out on … only just, and only because of Tory lies. Vast swathes of forest are burning, the Gulf Stream could collapse as early as 2025, with dire consequences. Suella Braverman has broken the law, as is her wont, and 156 children have been lost to the streets by her Home Office … and what are the papers focused on? The Farage farrago.

This is not normal.

It is not normal for the son of a KGB agent to be in the House of Lords to make this statement:

“The hilariously miscalculated closure of Nigel Farage’s account tells a wider story – one of corporate virtue signalling which, since last February, has weaponised Russophobia for the sake of moral posturing.”

As former ambassador Alexandra Hall Hall said:

“Never heard such b*ll*cks … wait, oh, son of a KGB spy, right? Colluded to get Johnson elected as mayor and PM and deliver Putin’s Brexit. You are no friend of Britain and deserve to be sanctioned and expelled back to Russia. If ‘virtue signalling’ means getting rid of you, then…[thumbs up emoji]

She continued with:

“Weaponised Russophobia?” Russia deserves every opprobrium…yet you, the son of. KGB spy, dare to defend Russia, despite pretending to be British; holding an undeserved position in House of Lords, where you don’t belong and where you have made no contribution whatsoever.”

It is not normal for a prime minister to write libellous tweets like this:

“This is what we’re up against. The Labour Party, a subset of lawyers, criminal gangs – they’re all on the same side, propping up a system of exploitation that profits from getting people to the UK illegally. I have a plan to stop it.”

It is not normal for those who scammed billions from PPE contracts to be still free from prosecution.

It is not normal for an MP to swan off to do a TV show, to barely turn up in the House of Parliament for a year, and to try to hold her constituents hostage while angling for a damehood … refusing to carry out her resignation promise.

It is not normal for the government to use special powers to ram through illegal legislation.

It is not normal for governments to strike trade deals and refuse scrutiny by parliament.

It is not normal for governments to wage propaganda wars against its own citizens.

None of this is normal and it must not be normalised.

Sunak has made it clear that his re-election strategy will be to divide yet further in order to rule. He will split us up according to whether or not:

  • we are seriously concerned about climate and want to see action;
  • we care about human rights/remaining members of the European Court of Human Rights;
  • we refuse to believe the Brexit lies;
  • we decry of the stop the boats/Rwanda policy;
  • we’d like to see windfall taxes on fossil fuel companies;
  • we think that free speech is often a cover for hate speech;
  • we are repelled by the demonisation of asylum seekers;
  • we desire freedom of movement and the right to roam;
  • we think lying in parliament should be punished and pointing it out should not;
  • we believe in the rule of law;
  • we’d like to be able to protest peacefully without fear of arrest;
  • we’re grateful to campaigners who raise important issues;
  • we care about child poverty, education and mental health;
  • we want to keep the NHS public;
  • we want to see consequences for illegal government action over Covid, etc.;
  • we want to see electoral reform;
  • we want to see corruption in government punished;
  • we think wealth inequality is an important issue;
  • we think the Arts have a valuable role to play;
  • we are concerned by relaxed standards for the environment/animal welfare;
  • we worry about Russian interference;
  • we really worry about the media being largely owned by right-wing, offshore billionaires;
  • we are concerned that this government and its ministers appear to have no ethics, morals or honesty whatsoever.

In short, the ‘woke’ – the empathetic, the law-abiding, the inclusive – are all to be made enemies of this government and enemies of the people.

None of this is normal.

This is nothing less than state capture and it is NOT normal. Don’t let a corrupt and compromised government or a toxic media gaslight you into believing otherwise. Vote them out!