Ukraine: hypocrisy, gaslighting and delays from the UK government

You will have heard every minister interviewed in the media or standing up in parliament claim that we are doing more than any other country, that we are at the forefront doing everything we can for refugees, that we are leading the world in standing up to Putin and his horrific, illegal war. We aren’t…and the deployment of these propaganda tactics is worthy of Putin himself. This edition will feature articles on corruption, our ugly approach to immigration, the lies and gaslighting from this government and the insidious and deep-seated infiltration of Russian money and influence. We have to know. We have to wake up before it is too late.

You can see right now that ministers have to be pressurised, shamed, forced into measures that are pale, lame imitations of the actions taken by countries in Europe. Johnson, Truss, Raab, Patel and the rest talk a good talk but the walk is the walk of shame.

And they are hiding from scrutiny again, even now in the midst of this unfolding disaster:

It must be plain to all but those determined not to see that we have a government that is compromised by dirty money, with individual MPs up and down the land pocketing donations from oligarchs, and the Conservative party itself in receipt of £2.3m of donations since Johnson became the party leader and which it has refused to return.

Don’t believe it’s dirty? How about this for starters:

Or you could read this:

Is it any wonder that Russian banks have been given 30 days to get their money out of the UK before they are closed down or that private jets still take off and land on our soil?

Meanwhile, the Conservatives voted yet again to take away our freedom to protest peacefully, even as they hypocritically ‘champion’ the freedom to oppose Putin on the streets of Moscow and St Petersburg, threatening prison terms more draconian than anything even Russia metes out today. Conservative MPs spoke against the clauses, calling them a step too far and anti-democratic and then failed to vote against their adoption. Hypocrisy on an epic scale.

We need to consider the very real possibility that this regime is Putin’s puppet. Really.

Get ready to protest while we still can.

We can but hope.