Author: Richard Paul-Jones

Richard ‘PJ’ Paul-Jones is poacher turned game keeper, metamorphosing from live-fast die-young rock'n'roll roadie, through almost grown-up tour manager, to large-scale public event safety advisor. His work has taken him from the sticky beer-stained carpets of 1970s London pub rock to the bling-infested excess of 21st century Dubai, but returning to the familiar comfort of the Glastonbury Festival for most of the last 35 years. During frequent periods between gigs he has been a minicab driver, advertising executive, quasi-journalist, and maggot farmer. Currently, like the rest of the entertainment industry, he is overwhelmingly underemployed

A state of denial

Richard Paul-Jones

As the Conservatives continue their race to the bottom it is clear that they are in denial. They deny that Brexit was an act of stupidity and wanton self-harm. They deny that Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng caused a disaster. They will deny that ‘Levelling Up’ has died in a ditch. And they will deny […]

From Frome to the front line

Richard Paul-Jones
Polish currency

“We don’t need stuff, we need cash” says the Mayor of Rabka Frome has a direct link to the war in Ukraine – and a way for you to help Ukrainians fleeing from the terror. Frome is twinned with three European towns. It is a four-way twinning, with representatives of three towns each visiting the fourth on […]